Wyoming Sports Betting

Wyoming should have mobile sports betting in place for NFL season

Legal Status

Sports betting is legal in the state of Wyoming but has yet to launch.

Legislative Progress

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 133 into law in April 2021, legalizing mobile sports betting in the state but not retail. However, due to federal law, the four tribal casinos in Wyoming will be allowed to offer retail sports betting.

According to the law, the Wyoming Gaming Commission must have the rules and regulations finalized by September 1.

Casino Participation

Wyoming does not have any commercial casinos, but the state does have four tribal casinos. However, they were not involved in the process at all. But federal law allows them to start taking bets as retail operators.

Role of the Lottery

Wyoming has a lottery, but it does not appear as if it will be involved with sports betting in Wyoming.

Professional Sports Team Involvement

There are no professional sports teams in Wyoming. But there are a few college teams, which people will be allowed to bet on.


The Wyoming Gaming Commission will be in charge of regulating the online sports betting industry in-state. Wyoming’s new law will require them to issue a minimum of five licenses, but the law does not set a maximum. But with a state population under 600,000, there may not be a mad rush by sportsbooks to apply.

The law also requires those who do apply to have experience; they must operate in at least three other states to apply.

As for fees, they are among the lowest in the country. The application fee will be $2,500, the licensing fee will be $100,000, and the renewal fee will be $50,000.

The tax rate will be just 10 percent on the gross revenue.

Expected Live Date

With an expedited timeline, the intent was to launch on September 1. But with the rules and regulations not approved by the Governor as of June 1, the idea was to have sports betting ready to launch in time for the beginning of the NFL season.

But with how things are shaping up, Wyoming should not have to bump the start back too far.

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