Who Are The Best Peloton Instructors?

So you’ve got that new Peloton, but aren’t sure which of the instructors is right for you? Here’s a guide that should help.

When the pandemic hit, gyms struggled to find a business model that consumers would buy into during the shutdown. But Peloton was primed and ready to snatch up regular gym-goers when their favorite fitness studios halted classes.. With a library full of various fitness modalities and experienced instructors (and in some cases social media influencers), Peloton set itself apart almost immediately and hasn’t looked back.

As things slowly return to a new “normal,” more gyms and fitness studios are reopening. But many customers have already sworn off brick-and-mortar gyms for good and are choosing to keep their Peloton memberships and work out in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. And the instructors are one of the biggest draws of Peloton, — each with their own unique personality, style, music taste and workout intensity — and perhaps most importantly, the keen ability to make you believe they are your new best friend.

No matter who you take a class with, you’re bound to get a good workout in. But if you’re just getting started, here are our choices for the best Peloton instructors.

Kendall Toole

Kendall Toole is one of the best-known Peloton cycling instructors, and she’s also coined as being one of the toughest given the intensity of her workouts. Her regular riders have gone as far to warn that “you won’t be able to walk for days” after taking her class! But, Kendall is incredibly motivating, even during the most gritty rides and loads her playlists with rock-and-roll vibes.

Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint is another hard-core cycling instructor whose own work-out ethic will amaze and inspire you.. However, you’re guaranteed to be smiling while you sweat as he’s chock full of optimism and a never-quit attitude, often throwing out nuggets of wisdom throughout his classes. Don’t take our word for it, though – check out this Reddit post dedicated to Alex! One user wrote, “He is so inspiring and reminds me DAILY of my worth and gives me the courage to overcome the hurdles in my life. I push myself harder in his rides and truly feel he is speaking to ME when I take his class.”

Olivia Amato

If you prefer some variety in your workout modalities, Olivia Amato teaches cycling, treadmill running & walking, strength, and cardio workouts. She’s a straight-to-the-point instructor who will provide you with crystal-clear direction. Olivia also offers a perfect balance of intentional encouragement – which you will desperately need when you take one of her legendary core classes!

Denis Morton

Denis Morton doubles as a cycling and yoga instructor, and is known for his soothing and calming presence, both on the bike and the mat. But while he might not be an over-the-top, cheerleader-esque instructor, his workouts are on point and always challenging. Denis throws out a variety of 90’s and 00’s alternative and rock music in his playlists, and his down-to-earth nature makes him a perpetual crowd pleaser.

Picture Credit: Twitter

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