Which European Sportsbooks Coming to the US?

European sportsbooks are bringing years of overseas experience with them as they launch in the U.S. market

Since the Supreme Court overturned PASPA in May 2018, several sportsbooks from overseas have expanded operations into the United States. With their proven expertise and the untapped and ever-changing potential of the U.S. market, expanding to the U.S. was a smart move by the books who did.

Many European sportsbooks have entered the U.S. market. With more than half the country yet to pass the requisite legislation, there is a strong chance more will come. But which ones?

Which European online sportsbooks could soon be legal to operate in the US sports betting industry?

One has been working on launching in the U.S. recently: Betway, one of the leading sports betting sites in Europe.

In February, Betway entered into an agreement with Digital Gaming Corporation (DGC), an online gaming supply company. The two will look to meet the needs of online gamblers in ten states (to start) as DGC Betway:

“DGC Betway has secured market access agreements for 10 US States, for online Sports Betting, and where allowed by law, iGaming. DGC will continue to strive towards expanding its footprint across the U.S. And (the company) is committed to finding partners that fit with its strategic objectives.”

Betway has already launched in a relatively crowded Colorado market, as well as New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The logic behind Betway’s move into the U.S. is easy to understand. While the market may appear saturated with operators in some states, many markets are still seeing exponential growth, and many have yet to open. There is money to be made by a sportsbook that knows what it is doing.

But should American bettors care about European sportsbooks? Should they be impressed?

Care may be a strong word, but they should be interested. Most overseas operators like Betway have been in the sports betting business for years. They have made their mistakes, learned from them, and have improved their product along the way.

When they enter the U.S. market, they will not have nearly as many growing pains as U.S.-based sportsbooks.

Should they see success, other European sportsbooks will likely feel the desire to expand into the U.S.. But who?

With the U.S. sports handle expected to reach upwards of $55 billion soon and billions still being bet at offshore sites, several could feel the pull. It would not be shocking if any of the following sportsbooks were to move into the legal US market in the future: Bovada.lv, BetOnline.ag, and/or MyBookie.ag.

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