The Truth About Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Choosing a sports betting app is not as hard as many of the reviews online make it out to be.

With the repeal of PASPA in 2018, millions of people across the U.S. are getting the chance to try their hand at online sports betting. However, in today’s world, just being able to gamble online is not enough. People want to be able to bet on the go.

They want the option to bet whenever and wherever they happen to be, making it imperative for sportsbooks to have a quality sports betting mobile app.

But, since most of us will be sports betting novices, it is hard to know which app to go with. You want the best one, of course, but what makes one better than another?

If you go online and read a few top ten lists or reviews, the same sportsbooks are typically involved. The order may be a little different. Then some lists have an app ranked high, and others will leave that app off altogether.

Why? Why did one list think an app was the best while another did not consider it worthy of inclusion? How is a novice to know which one to go with?

While many of the reviews you read will claim there are significant differences among the apps, there really aren’t. The most notable differences are usually aesthetic or something that can be attributed more to the sportsbook than the app.

Since we are looking for the better app and not the better sportsbook, that factor is irrelevant.

But if the apps are not too different from each other, why are the reviews not the same? When it comes to the reviews people leave at the Google Play store or Apple App store, most are going to be by disgruntled customers looking to vent.

Apps are just like any other piece of tech: they have glitches and mess up from time to time. Could it happen to you? Maybe, but that could also potentially happen no matter which app you go with.

If you factor in the odds, bonuses, welcome packages, and all the bells and whistles that come with any sportsbook online, there will be some differences. But when you just consider the straight functionality of the app, it is not too important who you go with.

As long as you have a good, reliable internet connection and sufficient data you will probably be just fine no matter which app you use.

That is not to say that they are all the same. No, there are differences amongst the mobile apps of the various online sportsbooks. But, unless you are going with an app from a brand new book, most of the kinks will be worked out.

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