Should I Bet Against The Green Bay Packers This Year?

The Green Bay Packers are usually one of the more reliable bets in the NFL, but with all the drama surrounding the team, will that be the case in 2021?

The Green Bay Packers have been a good team to bet on in recent years. With seven division titles in the last 10 years, 10 playoff berths in the last 12 (including five trips to the NFC title game), and a Super Bowl win, it is not unheard of for them to follow through on their potential to some degree.

But that may not be the case this year. As crazy as it sounds, it may be time to fade the Green Bay Packers.


Anyone that casually follows the NFL in the offseason should know the answer to that — because it looks like the team is going to lose Aaron Rodgers. He is not retiring, but he has made it crystal clear that he is done with the team and has no desire to suit up for the Packers again.

He wants to get traded. If he gets his wish, the Packers will go from being contenders to a team that may not go .500 this season.

Green Bay does not have to trade him, of course. As could be expected, they do not want to either. Since he is under contract, if he is going to play football this season, he does not really have a choice. So, then how come people are acting like his exit is a done deal?

Because he is a superstar, and he wants out — and these days, that is all it takes to force a trade.

Several players have gotten away with it in recent years. But, overall, players have not had a ton of success doing so. More often than not, they end up swallowing their pride and reporting to the team. They play and then leave once they become free agents.

As for the guys it did work for — none of them were in the same class of player as Rodgers. Were they traded because they demanded it or because the offer their former team accepted was too good to pass up?

That is a hard question to answer.

Rodgers could get his wish, but if he does, it will be because someone becomes willing to give up a boatload of first-round picks to get Rodgers for 3-5 seasons (barring injury). It will be a hefty price tag for whoever is willing to place it.

Does anyone really want to give up the kind of draft capital it will take? Rumor has it the Broncos are giving it some serious thought, but we have no idea what they are thinking of offering or if it will be enough.

So … fade the Packers?

Yes, but only if you are convinced the Packers are going to trade Rodgers. But this is not the NBA where players force trades all the time. From what the team has said, it has no intention of trading Rodgers. Since they have all the leverage, why should they?

Easy, they should not (and you should not fade the Packers).

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