How Technology Has Changed The Way Hockey Is Played

As hockey players continue to become bigger, faster and stronger than ever before, technology has allowed them to maximize their talent while increasing safety.

The evolution of technology in hockey has gone a long way from when the sport was first introduced. The game has become safer, equipment has become better and competitive fairness has increased over the years. Below is a look at some of the ways hockey has been impacted by technology.

Instant Replay

Hockey is a sport that moves incredibly fast with players going as hard as they can for a brief period of time before a new line comes in. All of this movement can make it tough to officiate, so replay reviews can play a crucial role in the sport’s biggest moments.

Currently in the NHL, all goals are reviewed by the video goal judge to determine whether or not they should stand. Additionally, officials may review certain penalties, including major penalties, match penalties and double minor penalties for high sticking.


No matter the sport, players are going to do anything they can within the rules to give themselves an edge. As players become bigger, faster and stronger through the years, the equipment has changed to become lighter, making players more effective on the ice.

The equipment increases peak performance while also addressing safety. High-tech foam is used to protect delicate areas of the body, including the back and neck in an attempt to decrease serious injury. With this material, players can be lighter on their feet and move more quickly while also protecting themselves better than before.


Player safety has become a focal point in plenty of sports in recent years, and hockey is no different. Players go as fast and as hard as they can during their shifts to make the most of their time on the ice, and collisions are part of the sport. Because the risk of injury is so high, hockey must do everything it can do to keep players safe.

To ensure players are receiving the most efficient equipment, 3D scanning technology is being used to pinpoint the dimensions of a player’s body. After the scan, the players can be fitted for elbow, shin and shoulder pads that are suited for their body’s measurements.

Picture Credit: Google Creative Commons Licenses, Pixabay

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